AVR Key 18Gbps


Discontinued, not available anymore.

Our AVR-Key UHD/HDR/DV passthru + 720p/1080p Full HDMI Audio Kit includes:

AVR-Key Processor
Choice of power supply
USB > mini USB cable

When playing 600MHz/18Gbps signal and only for such signal (4K60 4:4:4 8b or 4K60 4:2:2 12b), you might experience a very short sound dropout after 3-5 hours of use.
New AVR-Key now shipping was tested for 7 hours without any dropout.
If it is a problem for your planned use case, please consider Vertex or Integral2, they offer similar feature and way more.

Extract Full HDMI audio from any signal !
Plug any AVR in any HDMI setup and Play full HDMI audio sound !
Support all audio and video formats in existence. Simply connect and forget.
Pass-thru for 4K UHD/HDR/DV/HLG video up to 18Gbps + 720p or 1080p Full HDMI Audio.


Product Description


The ultimate add-on for your AVR is here! You already have that perfect sound system with multiple HP all wired and working nicely ? And now you are just trying to get Full HDMI sound to it from modern UHD and 4K HDR, HLG or DV sources… Look no further, we have the straight forward answer to integrate any first generation AVR in second generation HDMI and HDCP setup.
No matter the content played from recent sources, the video resolution, format or the refresh rate. With AVR Key you will always get a 720p or 1080p (selectable) Full HDMI audio stream to feed your older yet perfectly working AVR.

Hook the Key to your older AVR and turn it into an Ultra AVR now capable of accepting Full HDMI Audio from any modern 4K, UHD, HDCP2.2, DV, HLG, HDR10+ sources while your display is fed with the best possible video signal.
IR or iOS/Android APP control available via the optional GoBlue.
Very robust 18Gbps signal integrity, ensuring seamless integration even with marginal cables that would otherwise not work with others devices for high bandwidth signals.


Technical specs

HDMI revision: HDMI 2.0b (Level A) 600Mcsc – 18Gbps
AVR-Key Support: 600MHz/18Gbps HDR, HDR10+, HLG, DV & LLDV, CEC, ALLM, IMAX
Max Resolution: 4K60 4:4:4 8b, 4K60 4:2:2 12b, 4K120 4:2:0 8b or 8K30 4:2:0 8b
I/O: 1 HDMI In, 2 HDMI Out, USB.
Pass-thru Channel: Support any signals up to 18Gbps including HLG/DV and HDR10+
HDMI audio: 720p or 1080p Full HDMI Audio.
Audio support: Any sound format from lower mono up to Dolby Atmos and all latest.
HDCP Conversion: Any HDCP to any HDCP with CST1 support
Operating Modes: 18Gbps pass-through with full HDMI audio at 720p or 1080p
Special Modes: HDMI Doctor and booster.
EDID Modes: SDR BT2020 or HDR BT2020 selection for UHD BR player
Dimension: 2.2″L x 1.5″W x 1″H – in CM: 6 x 4.5 x 3
Weight: 65g – 0.15 LBS


4K UHD AVR Key Elements



All setups suitability

AVR Key pass-thru any HDMI, HDCP and HDR signal from source to sink and provide a HD or FHD Full HDMI audio stream for older AVR..

Just add power

Think it’s complicated? AVR Key is Plug and play or Set and forget.

Unlock HDCP 2.2

Keep all advantages from HDCP2.2 sources and sink when you insert an older AVR in the mix.

Digital Doctor

EDID related issues, HTPC issues or HDMI/HDCP handshake, compatibility or revision issues can be solved as well.

iOS & Android APP

Control AVR Key using your tablet or smartphone with the optional GoBlue Bluetooth and IR dongle.

Windows GUI

Access additional options and control with the Windows GUI.

Custom configuration

Select Video, Audio and EDID rules and set the HDMI audio output stream to 720p or 1080p.



Android and iOS APP are only available for the owners of GoBlue (optional Bluetooth and Infrared dongle).

Silabs Driver 4.0.0 for XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 Version USB2.0 USB3.0
[16-APR-16] Silabs Driver 4.0.0 – ZIP – 9.18 Mo 4.0.0 XP / VISTA / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10 WIN10
Silabs Driver 3.9.2 for XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 Version USB2.0 USB3.0
[16-APR-16] Silabs Driver 3.9.2 – ZIP – 1.65 Mo 3.9.2 XP / VISTA / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10 XP / VISTA / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10

Select the right drivers based on your Windows version and the USB port version you plan to use. Drivers only need to be installed once for all our devices.
Please note that if you connect your HDfury device to a WIN10 computer prior to any driver installation, WIN10 will install driver from the internet automatically, in such case you do not need to install any drivers manually and you can just proceed with using utility and updaters software from driver 3.9.2 directory. Each below downloads, once downloaded and extracted will provide utility and updaters for either 3.9.2 or 4.0.0 driver.

PC Windows GUI Software, Firmware + IR codes list Version Format Size Date
[06-FEB-20] 4K AVR KEY FW1.624.218 and GUI Control Utility 1.6 – ZIP – 11.5 Mo GUI 1.6 ZIP 11.5 Mo 06-FEB-20
[05-DEC-19] 4K AVR KEY FW1.623.218 and GUI Control Utility 1.6 – ZIP – 11.5 Mo GUI 1.6 ZIP 11.5 Mo 05-DEC-19
[10-APR-18] 4K AVR KEY FW1.620.218 and GUI Control Utility 1.5 – ZIP – 11.5 Mo GUI 1.5 ZIP 11.5 Mo 10-APR-18
[27-NOV-17] 4K AVR KEY FW1.619.218 and GUI Control Utility 1.5 – ZIP – 11.5 Mo GUI 1.5 ZIP 11.5 Mo 27-NOV-17
[02-NOV-17] 4K AVR KEY FW1.517.218 and GUI Control Utility 1.4 – ZIP – 11.5 Mo GUI 1.4 ZIP 11.5 Mo 02-NOV-17
[21-OCT-17] 4K AVR KEY FW1.416.218 and GUI Control Utility 1.4 – ZIP – 11.5 Mo GUI 1.4 ZIP 11.5 Mo 21-OCT-17
[26-SEP-17] 4K AVR KEY FW1.214.218 and GUI Control Utility 1.1 – ZIP – 11.5 Mo GUI 1.1 ZIP 11.5 Mo 26-SEP-17
User Manual Version Format Size Date
[10-JAN-19] AVR Key User Manual Rev.1.619.218 – PDF – 1.5 Mo Rev.1.619.218 PDF 1.5 Mo 10-JAN-19
4K Total Control APK + XML File for Custom APP menu Version Format Size
[01-JUN-18] AVR KEY APK 1.0.0 + Custom XML for APP menu – ZIP – 2.9 Mo APK 1.0.2 ZIP 2.9 Mo
[12-NOV-17] AVR KEY APK 1.0.0 + Custom XML for APP menu – ZIP – 2.9 Mo APK 1.0.0 ZIP 2.9 Mo
Icons viewer for creating Custom APP menu Format Size
APP Icons Viewer for Custom menu – ZIP – 644 Ko ZIP 644 Ko


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