USB Doctor


This Kit includes:

Dr USB smart adapter


Product Description

Universal USB Smart&Fast Charger Adapter

Safely turn ANY USB ports into an Universal USB fast-charging port.
Compatible with Android&Apple smartphone or tablet as well as Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 pads and many others.

Speed up charging time up to 2 times.
Support official Apple Sync cable or cheap cloned one.
Charge in any USB port that otherwise would not work with your device.
Safe charging: Protect your smartphone/tablet from malware and data theft.
Prevents accidental data exchange when your device is plugged into a computer or charging station with a USB cable.
Charge your phone on any computer or charging stations in public without worrying.
Enhance the quality of the electric current supplied by USB port for fast charging without harming device and/or battery.

Technical Specs


    Turn a normal USB cable into a “charge only” cable.
    Fully supports Smart phones and Tablets (IOS and Android OS) for any brand models and ps3/ps4/xbox360 joypad.
    Fully supports PC USB port, Power bank, Car charger and Travel Charger Power.
    Autodetect the operating system IOS or Android charging mode and/or Joypad mode.
    Lightweight and easily portable to wherever you are at home, office, traveling or in the car.
    Dimension: 4.2 (L) * 2.1 (W) * 0.9 (H) cm.
    Weight: 7g
    Rohs Compliant
    CE and FCC Compliant
    Ultra-Low Power Technology
    1.8 V to 5.5 V operation from a single supply.
    Stop (RAM retained): 0.23 μA, (LVD enabled): 0.31 μA
    Snooze: 0.7 mA (UART), 1.20 mA (ADC)
    Operating: 63 μA /MHz
    16-bit RL78 CPU Core
    ADC: Up to 11 channels, 10-bit resolution
    On-chip temperature sensor

Getting Started


Place it as an “always on” adapter on your existing USB/Sync cable and remove only when you want to sync.
LED color code will show up the charge current status, when led light over 3 sec charging is underway (output is over 1.0A), if led light quickly flash, the charge is nearly complete (output is less than 50mA)


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