HDMI Fiber 30ft or 60ft


This set of always working HDMI fiber cables includes:

1x HDMI2.0a Fiber cable
Tested and Confirmed for 600MHz/18Gbps
30ft/10m or 60ft/20m in length
No packaging / Bulk condition


Product Description

HDMI2.0b Level A Fiber HDMI Cables Tested and Confirmed for 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz/18Gbps

Tested at 600MHz/18Gbps for 4H.
Guaranteed to work in any setup at 600MHz.
Available in 10 meters / 30 feet or 20 meters / 60ft in length
Perfect match for all HDfury devices.
No packaging as each cable is manually tested and confirmed by our staff prior to shipment.


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