HDMI Fiber 30ft or 60ft


This set of always working HDMI fiber cables includes:

1x HDMI2.0b Fiber cable
Tested and Confirmed for 600MHz/18Gbps
30ft/10m or 60ft/20m in length
CL3 rating for in wall installation
No packaging / Bulk condition


Product Description

HDMI2.0b Level A Fiber HDMI Cables Tested and Confirmed for 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz/18Gbps

Tested at 600MHz/18Gbps for 4H.
Guaranteed to work in any setup at 600MHz
Available in 10 meters / 30 feet or 20 meters / 60ft in length
CL3 rating for IN WALL installation
Perfect match for all HDfury devices.
No blister/plastic packaging, only paper box as each cable is manually tested and confirmed by our staff prior to shipment


  1. mindstogod (verified owner)

    Thank you HDFury!!! Since I upgraded to a 4K projector, I’ve been experiencing occasional dropped frames. It didn’t happen constantly, but it happened enough to drive me crazy. I’ve tried several different HDMI cables, including a “Premium Certified” copper cable and an expensive fiber cable that actually performed even worse. Nothing helped. I was impressed enough with my Arcana that I decided to give your cables a try and I’m glad I did. Dropped frames are finally gone with this cable and everything is working like it should. I only wish I would have bought this one in the first place instead of wasting money on lesser cables that didn’t do the job. Hopefully this review will help others learn from my mistakes and they can do it right the first time.

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