Maestro won the CEpro (Cedia Expo) 2019 Best Product AWARD !

September 15, 2019 – Taipei, TAIWAN – When you claim that you climbed from the bottom to the top, it is appreciable to have some highest reach reference.
Participating for the time ever in an industry award and winning it straight away is what Maestro just did in Cedia Expo Best Product Award.

We are extremelly proud to have our name next to LG who won Best TV Award or Denon who won Best AVR Award.
All entries were judged on innovation, functionality, competitive advantages and benefits to the installer by a dozen credible industry leaders, along with the editors of CE Pro. Winners’ products and technologies will be featured in the November issue of CE Pro magazine.

Maestro achievement started back in 2017 when we released our first Award winning device: Vertex that scored 9/10 on AVforums reviewVertex technology reloaded with all the latest know-how from our Devs team is a great part of the running engine behind MaestroDiva and Vertex2, the two others devices that, with Maestro, form our new generation of hardware are direct derivate from it.

While all credits go to our Devs team who take AV hardware design at heart with a lovely passion, there is a few other people behind this success, to name a few:

  • Manni, an AVSforum power user who helped in beta testing, he is also the brain behind the initial JVC Macro feature on Vertex, now expanded to any RS232 controllable display on the new generation hardware (MaestroDiva and Vertex2)
  • Claw, another AVSforum power user, who is probably the best bug reporter ever 😉 he often provided bug report while isolating the root cause at the same time, awesome guy to work with.
  • LG, Dolby, Netflix and others big companies individuals, their names will remain confidential, but thank to some industry insiders like them and their documented request and support over the years, we have achieved world first like HDR metadata injection back in 2015 and more world first additions are coming to our new generation hardware while providing testing tools to such industry giants.
  •, they financially helped to make Maestro a reality by trusting our words and work and since as promised, we delivered the world best HDBT point to point solution out there, we are sure that they do not regret it 🙂
  • Our supporters and those we forgot to list, forum members, discord server members, customers and others… they are part of those who always believed in our work and understand that nowadays you need to step up your knowledge in AV before having a chance to run an optimal setup

To all these guys we want to say that this Maestro Award is also yours !
Thank you guys !

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