Any browser or antivirus alerts on this site are false positives!

HDfury supplies high quality devices and tailored software since 2007, our brand and work ethic is praised by individuals and pros around the globe. Therefor you can simply discard any such false warning!

With the worldwide expansion of online shopping, Antivirus and security tools are needed for most average people to protect their operating system from Viruses, Malwares, and other bad stuff.
Unfortunately, most Antivirus companies goes too far with their Virus/Malware protection, and in many times they classify completely legit but non popular download as possible Virus/Threat.
Antivirus companies don’t care that they block their own customers from legit activities, and they don’t care that they may cause their customers to think badly about our work and software.
Other small developers also have “False Positive” problems while large companies usually don’t have any false positives problems, and even if there is a single case of false alert, the antivirus company will fix it very soon. After all, antivirus companies know that large companies have good lawyers and if they don’t fix the problem, they may find themselves in a large lawsuit.

Here’s some examples of messages regarding the virus alerts, that we get to our inbox on daily basis:

“Your software is infected with Virus”
“Each time that I download your program and extract the files, the .exe file disappears”
These messages are sent by users who think that there is a bug or problem with our utilities, without knowing that this problem is actually caused by their Antivirus software running in the background. When it detect a threat, it simply block the .exe file, put the file in quarantine, or simply delete it, without telling the user anything.

“When I try to get into utilities section of your site, I get ‘the page cannot be displayed’ error”
“You have a broken link in your site – When I try to download your utility tool, I get ‘the page cannot be displayed’ error”

These messages are sent by users who think that there is a problem in our Web site, because they cannot browse into a Web page on our site or download a utility from our site. Once again, this problem is caused by Antivirus or Firewall that decided to block our Web site without explaining the user about the site blocking.

Why don’t you contact the Antivirus companies ?

Some people ask us, “Why don’t you simply contact the Antivirus companies to resolve the false alerts issues ?”
There are over 100 Antivirus companies out there, and with combination of more than 500 utilities our our site, false alerts appear and disappear all the time. Handling all these false alerts may require an employee with full-time job.
If you look into the Websites of some Antivirus companies, you’ll easily find a large “Buy Now” button, but you probably won’t find any “Report About False Positive” link. Antivirus companies always want to make more sells, but they don’t really care about false positives in their products. Even when we find the method to report about a false alert, most of the companies don’t answer the requests at all or simply send an automatic message saying that The Antivirus company will fix the false alert problem in their next update, even when Antivirus company finally fix a false positive, it’s just a matter of time, until the false positive returns again, with a new Virus/Threat name.

Help us and other small developers !

If you feel frustrated, like us, about all these false alerts, you can help us and other small developers to stop Antivirus programs from detecting innocent tools as Viruses/Threats.
If you constantly pay for licenses and updates for your Antivirus software, don’t hesitate to call your Antivirus company and require them to stop the false alerts.
If you experience issue with Google Chrome, you can report false positive here.
If Windows Defender is making issue, they have an online guide here to get rid of it.
A more general read that might help to correct various situation can be found here.